What is Kulfi made of?

AL’s Kulfi is made of high grade cow’s milk, raw sugar, fresh herbs, spicesand exotic fruits.

Why is Kulfi different to ice-cream?

Unlike ice cream, Kulfi is not air whipped and cooked to a dense consistency.

Is it Gluten free?

Yes. AL’s Kulfi is also free from corn flour, preservatives and additives. AL’s Kulfi has no eggs and classified as vegetarian.

Why is kulfi considered more healthier than ice creams?

AL’s Kulfi is free of vegetable oils or saturated fats. It has the natural goodness of Mother Nature.

Where is it made?

AL’s Kulfi is handcrafted in Auckland, New Zealand.

Where can one buy this Kulfi?

AL’ Kulfi is available at these Retail Partners.

Do we do catering/bulk orders?

Yes. AL’s Kulfi caters for all events for a minimum order of 24 Matka pieces and 35 popsicles (maximum 3 assorted range).

What is the shelf life?

AL’s Kulfi has a shelf life of 4 months in the freezer. In case the matka kulfi is not consumed fully, the remaining portion can be returned back to the freezer and it will still retain its texture. AL’s Kulfi will not melt easily due to its dense texture, it will remain frozen for an hour. One can easily return it to the freezer even if its melted.