Kesar Pista Badam

This kulfi has an aromatic hint of the East. With crushed almonds (badam), pistachios (pista), saffron (kesar), and sprinkled with ground cardamom, it is not only infused with the authentic Indian taste of these nuts and spices, but has the added crunch from these ingredients as well.


Malai - meaning "cream", is the original kulfi. It is purely milk based, blended with a hint of freshly ground cardamom. Cardamom is one of the most valuable spice in the world due to its many therapeutic and digestive properties. Malai Kulfi is a favourite of all Kulfi lovers and will be loved by the novice as well.


Premium quality mango is blended into this kulfi, which creates a sweet, tropical taste. Being India’s national fruit, mangos are very popular in India. Although fresh mangos are hard to find in New Zealand, AL’s Kulfi is proud to have created what we believe is the next best thing- my Mango Kulfi.


The exotic taste of rose extract is enhanced by basil seeds in this floral scented kulfi. Rose extract is believed to have anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties for the skin. Basil seeds have also been used in Ayurvedic and Chinese medicines for centuries.