Deliciously Different


Skilfully and passionately Handcrafted

Made by hand the old fashioned way with 100% natural and local ingredients, AL's Kulfis are luxuriously richer, denser and creamier. They are smooth in texture and filled with delicious flavours and are preservative free with no eggs or gluten. Our Kulfis are showcased in the traditional matka, similar to the way Kulfi was served to the Royals of the Moghul Era.

Frozen Dessert

Kulfi is the original authentic and traditional frozen desert of India. It has no preservatives, no eggs and is 100% gluten free. AL's Kulfi is packaged in a traditional plastic terracotta matka which is BPA free. 

Unique Dessert

Kulfi is different from the usual ice creams. What makes it unique is the preparation process, the exotic flavours and the natural ingredients. Kulfi is not whipped like ice cream, hence it is denser and creamier dessert. Due to its density kulfi takes a longer time to melt than ice cream.

History of Kulfi

During the Mughal rule in the 1600s it was prepared in the royal kitchen for the Kings. Ice was brought in from the Himalayas to freeze the kulfi in an earthen pot or "Matka". Kulfi is made with pure milk, sugar and flavoured with natural spices, nuts and fruits resulting in a decadent, intense flavour.

Definitely Healthy

No Preservatives, No Eggs, 100% Gluten Free, BPA Free and All Natural Ingredients